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Student Ministry

The Clearbranch Student Ministry is a faith family that invites you and your family to join us as we seek to make Christ and His Gospel known. We invite all 6th -12th graders to join us each week and throughout the year for weekly events as well as ongoing events and yearly events too.

Our hope and mission is to offer the transforming love of Jesus Christ we have so graciously received ourselves to all people. We are passionate about connecting students and families to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Middle School and High School years are crucial developmental times in our lives filled with many ups and downs along the way. We look forward to the opportunity to journey and partner with you and your family as you lead and disciple your student in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Please let us know who you are and how we can walk with you and serve you in whatever season of life you may find yourself. We know that being a teenager has its joys and struggles. We also know being a parent of a teenager can have its highs and lows.

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